How does SCORE improve the clients' lives?

Our clients share their experience in working with us and how we made a significant difference in their business.

"SCORE is a great place to grow up into your business. What do you need? What should we be learning? What should we be thinking about? What should we be cautious about? Be alert about?”
– Jan Erickson, Owner and CEO of Janska

“The SCORE Plus approach to reviewing  our business and providing recommended courses of action was very professional and added to our understanding of areas needing to be addressed. They helped restructure positions, which allowed me to focus more on strategic issues for EmergiCare. SCORE Plus has become an integral advisory resource to my company.”
- Dr. Robert Hamilton of EmergiCare,Inc.

"I am grateful for all the assistance that SCORE is able to provide and for all the bounty of information and guidance that I have already received through its workshops.  Thank you for your generous support and willingness to pass on your expertise."
- MW, Colorado Springs

"The meeting with [my mentor] was educating and encouraging.  His knowledge and personal use of the product I am wanting to market was a real benefit.  I needed to know if the idea was worth the effort and needed to know what would be required to make it happen.  His experience and knowledge was valuable for me.  I appreciate the time he gave and his willingness to be available to answer questions that will come up in the process."
- JW, Colorado Springs