By the numbers -- SCORE has a large impact and contribution to businesses nationwide
53,377   New Businesses Started
65,235   Jobs Created
$150      SCORE's cost to help create one business
$122      SCORE's cost to create one job
$60.16   Amount SCORE clients return to the Federal Treasury for every dollar appropriated to SCORE
71%       Percentage of SCORE in-business clients that increased revenue in 2015
SCORE advises clients at all points of the business lifecycle:
     31%   were considering starting a business
     31%   were in the process of starting a business
     38%   were already in business
SCORE helps all American small businesses
     56%   were women
     31%   were minorities
     12%   were veterans
Who we are:
      over 10.000 volunteers
      300+ chapters
      serving over 1,000 communities nationwide